Saturday, 13 December 2014

Outdoor Fun

Shirt, Jeans & Cap: Pull & Bear
Shoes: New Balance
White Instax Mini 8: Fujifilm

I feel like I should go out more!

I mean go out during the day. I only go out whenever I do OOTD shoots with my cousin and I forget how amazing this city and neighborhood is. So, I decided to wear something casual and boyish, get some sun and take Polaroid pictures instead of posting them in Instagram or Facebook. If you guys read my previous posts you'd know by this time that I'm very obsessed with Polaroid cameras.

This week is not that eventful, very quiet and not too busy with a lot of things. I just cant wait for next week though cause it will be the start of my 3 weeks vacation! Yahoo!

Hopefully I'd be able to do a couple of things and maybe attend some events that are happening either in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. We'll see, I cant wait though! :D

I did an easy boy-next-door, nautical inspired look today. Wore a nice striped shirt, super skinny jeans and a cap all from Pull & Bear. I wore an anchor necklace that I featured in one of my previous look before. Unfortunately, due to some layering you guys might not have noticed it so I'm wearing it again today and I'm glad that it looked so nice with the outfit and made it look a little more nautical.

Got new sneakers! Whohoo! Its a New Balance 90's Outdoor Edition which was given to me as an early Christmas gift by my wonderful cousin and photographer Kris.

Meet my cousin Kris! You guys might have seen her as well on my previous OVOTM

Had tons of fun that day!

Speaking of early Christmas presents, tune in for next week's post as I'm doing my first ever Christmas special!!! Yeah I know I do a themed looks and illustrations during Christmas, but this time I'm also going to share with you nice gift ideas to give to your friends and loved ones!

We will unwrap them next week so again tune and I hope you guys will like it! :D

5 T-Shirts = 3 T-Shirts
5 Jeans = 3 Jeans
5 Caps/Hats = 3 Caps/Hats
7 Shoes = 6 Shoes

Always have fun!

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Until Dusk

Shirt and Cardigan: G2000
Blazer and Pocket Square: Iconic

So sorry for running late on my post this week! It has been long and tiring week and finally I get some downtime to pause and do a blogpost! ^_^

Speaking of running late there's a story behind this shoot. Now that the weather is a bit colder, the sunset is now an hour earlier (around 05:30PM). We came to Al Rheem Island in time to do the shoot, I was so confident that I didn't forget anything, but unfortunately I did... I left my memory card at home!

Good thing one of my friends live in the area so I had to call and pick it up, and by the time I got back, it was already dusk! I had to tweak the settings in my camera and good thing we still got nice shots even if the sun was barely up.

I thought I was not gonna be able to make it this week, but with a positive outlook and a few editing skills I'm glad it still turned out well.

Was a bit challenging but like I said we we're able to get so nice shots and videos.

Speaking of videos, check out my latest short Outfits of the Month video for the month of November on my Instagram page!:

Did you guys like it? :D

Let me know what look did you guys like most out of all of my November OOTDs on the comments below!

I mentioned that I did this shoot before dusk, I figured this look could also be a nice look for an evening night out, both formal and informal. The layering of the shirt and cardigan (G2000) topped with a nice blazer (Iconic) will keep you well wrapped and stylish during the evening. Finished the look with a dress watch, pair of jeans and sneakers. Finally, I added a pocket square (Iconic) to make this look a bit more fancy for the evening.

Oh btw! Its almost Christmas! I originally planned to go back in my home country for the holidays but unfortunately due to some delays, I decided to just spend it here in Abu Dhabi. A bit of a sad news for me but I'm not really disappointed because good news for you guys I would still be able to post new OOTDs every week! I might even do a long video of what I was up to during my "stay-cation" here in Abu Dhabi!

Have a lovely week! <3

10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 7 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirts = 6 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirts
5 Cardigans/Hoodies = 3 Cardigans/Hoodies

Always have fun!

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Under the Woods

Jacket: Zara

I've always said this on my previous posts and I'm going to say it again. What I like about Abu Dhabi and the rest of UAE is despite that it is a desert country it had managed to make the city more greener.

This country is changing so rapidly fast that I imagine soon in the future, UAE might become a very different country from how it looked before and you wont realize that it is a desert country with all the trees and plants the country is currently panting in almost every freeway and suburbs in the outskirts of the city. You will see a couple of nice scenery and there are parks with nice landscaping that are inviting and now that its cooler its very nice to just go out and enjoy the outdoors.

This is one of the visions of the leaders in UAE that they are trying to reach and I hope other countries with almost the same amount of money should also try to do.

Some people think that they should donate more money to charity which is in fact they do, but what people who don't realize especially those who don't live or visited UAE is that most of their money are significantly going to projects that would make their county more close to nature.

On Tuesday, December 02, 2014 UAE will be celebrating it's 43rd Spirit of The Union Celebration or UAE's National Day.

Its actually a BIG thing here in UAE! There will be parades, concerts etc. glorifying the unity of the 7 Emirates in 1971. It's quite amazing right? UAE is almost just the same age as your parents! And look at where it is now!? It's very inspiring! Congratulations UAE! Happy 43rd year Anniversary!

Now about the look. If you're the type of person who's wondering what to do with those fun summer shirts you got last season, don't shove them behind your closet! It's not too late to wear them!

Autumn is that type of season where you get to still be fun and funky especially now that the weather is more pleasant to go out. Its not too sunny yet it could still get a bit cold, so this inspired me to combine those two elements on this look.

I'm the type of person who gets easily affected by the weather. Probably cause I lived in a Tropical country and it rains a lot in the Philippines so whenever its rainy I usually feel dull and that shows on daily my outfits. So this kinda reflects on how I styled myself today.

I wore this refreshing summer print shirt topped by a leather jacket (Zara). Wore dark, rolled-up bottom chinos and a pair of sneakers. I like the contrast between summer transitioning to winter. For me this is a nice to-go look for Autumn!

Winter is coming so take advantage of those few days you still get to enjoy a bit of the sun!

10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 8 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Chill Time

Shirt: Fred Perry
Jeans: Pull & Bear
Watch: Kenneth Cole

Our backyard is looking more and more inviting lately due to the wonderful weather!

My mom put up a very nice and cozy patio which is perfect for reading a nice book with a cup of coffee or just an easy relaxing afternoon nap. And knowing me, I'm the type of person who likes alone time a lot so this officially became a perfect spot for me.

Bagets, 1984

I did an 80's look today inspired by a Filipino movie entitled Bagets. Its a 1984 funny coming of age film about this five young boys and their adventures as they finish senior year. It became a huge hit during that time and all the boys copied their style and looks.

I was watching it a few weeks back and I realized how fun and bold the 80's was in using fun colors and prints.

Lately I've been doing looks with two tones of colors or just one in different shades but I chose something funky and fun this time that's why I came up with an 80's inspired look. For this look I wore a nice classic fit, neon colored polo shirt (Fred Perry) and super skinny jeans (Pull & Bear).  Wore a cool vintage inspired glasses and sneakers.

To complete this look I wore this super cool modern and futuristic, square framed watch (Kenneth Cole) given to me by someone very special. ^_^

Take advantage of Autumn! Go out to a park and enjoy a bit of nature or catch-up on that book you've long wanted to finish and have a nice alone time! ^_^

10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirts = 7 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirts
5 Jeans = 4 Jeans

Always have fun!

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Welcome to New York

Sweater: Pull & Bear

Well... not exactly New York, I'm still in Abu Dhabi if you guys might be wondering. :)

It just that this is my idea of what outfit I would wear if ever I go there.

I am still redefining and experimenting my style cause I don't want it to always be a default cute, pretty or dapper kind of style blogger. I can be sort of edgy too. -_^

This year I want it to be a mix of everything, especially this season cause this weather opens to many outfit possibilities.

Plus, one thing that you don't know about me is that I <3 Taylor Swift a lot! :D

I've been a fan of her ever since her song "You Belong with Me" played in my radio. I was completely obsessed with her and I bought all her albums online and that's when I started to fall in love with country music. She is the first person that comes to mind if people asks me who do I look up to.

In my opinion aside from being an awesome singer, she's a very good role model. You don't see pictures of her drinking, parting all night or getting high. Some of her songs are hugely inspirational to me like "Mean" and "Shake it Off" cause I felt that way in some point in my life especially when I was younger.

She treats her fans really well and not just through words but also through actions. She doesn't need to "sexify" herself like other artist do just to get attention and sales. She sold tons of CDs just a few weeks after she released 1989, its not really a big deal if it was 2000's but now that its 2014... Who buys CDs?! I did and so does millions of her fans because she deserves it

Don't really care when people tell her "But she dates like A LOT." Is that really a sin? I'm sure everyone has the freedom to choose who he/she want to be with, if it doesn't work out then it doesn't. And yes she writes about he exes but not to get back at them, its just because that's what she felt and the only way for her to express her emotions is to write music. Adele pretty much did the same thing as well right?

Aside from the fact I relate a lot on her music, she never goes out of style and flawlessly redefines her style which is also something I really want to do! On top of that I was born the same year as her! That's why I love 1989! ^_^

So sorry! lol! I just really love Taylor Swift! lol!

Anyway about the look: I'm wearing a cool New York sweater (Pull & Bear), with super skinny jeans. Those jeans btw are for the sake of fashion! lol! I've worn a lot of supper skinny jeans, but this one is just demonically tight! Its in my size but for some reason (maybe when it got washed) it's too tight on me. But it works perfectly on those pair of shoes I've had since college! This pair never went out of style for me, it just really hard to pair it with a basic outfit. Luckily I'm more aware of styling and pretty much know how to mix and match. Finished with a nice hat, necklace and a watch.

Am I New York ready on this look? :D

10 Sweaters = 9 Sweaters

Always have fun!

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Year 3: Doing Things The Way I Want

This year would be very simple, laid back and would focus more on my Style Blogging.

However, I really enjoyed the LOVE ABU DHABI SERIES so this year most of my looks would mostly be around Abu Dhabi! Plus, I might do a couple of short series during this year which I'm very excited about! :D

Oh and another thing! I had tons of fun doing my anniversary video so I'm planning to do short video clips of all the looks I did by the end of each month! Sound good right?

Thank you all again to all you readers who keeps on supporting my blog and hope you guys would enjoy all the things that I will do for Year 3!

Always have fun!