Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Little Piece of Italia

Shirt: H&M

This has been a long overdue post. lol! I did a lot of things this month that this look had to wait.

This look really nothing special. It's just a quick shirt and shorts look. I did wanted it to look like I'm going to a boat ride since we are going to the harbour so I threw in a stray hat, boat shoes and a cute scarf.

The real hero here is the location. We went to The Souq at Fishing Harbour, Umm Sugeim just beside the public beach (I think... :D) during one of our Dubai Instameets. 

When we arrived there, I totally fell in love with the place! One of my favorite places to go in any city would be the harbour. I really love the views, the ambiance, the boats... anything nautical I will surely love! 

Its also a nice hangout to invite your friends to have lunch or drink coffee with especially now that the weather is always nice. Do bring in a jacket though, it doesn't look like I'm cold but I was extremely freezing all throughout the day while we were there! But I really enjoyed a lot so it doesn't matter. :)

There are a lot of small shops, restaurants and and cafes around the area so you'll never get bored. There's even a nice view of the Burj Al Arab in the background. Quick tip, make sure you stay a little bit more and sit in afternoon cause if the skies are clear with a couple group of clouds the sunset would be breathtaking!

Make sure you include this place on your list when you plan your to visit Dubai, its truly a must see!

I have another exciting adventure next week so make sure you stop by my Instagram or Facebook page so you wont miss it. Plus I have a big announcement in the middle of the week!

Always have fun!

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